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    Student questionnaire - accounts & privileges (?)


      We have a student questionnaire. We give the students the hard copy and enter the data onto our database once they have filled it out. Is is possible to give them the data entry rights to create and fill in one record, so that each student can enter their data onto our system directly?


      Just curious.

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          Hi LadyBear,

          We had something like this running in IWP for a few years.

          What we did was create a new data entry privilege for each student.

          We restricted access to all other fields except for those we wanted the students to enter their information.

          We had a script at login that brought up each student's record when they logged in and only allowed each student to see their own record (based on AccountName). This was an ongoing solution where students could come back and update their information.


          One thing that could have been better implemented was the account/password creation. Every account was manually created and managed within the db file. After a few years, we had a lot of logins/passwords. Besides that, it worked well for our purposes.


          As for questionnaires, we just used an online service. quicker to implement. the one with the monkey.


          Hopefully this helps a little.