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    WebDirect Sub-summary bug when no Body is present

      Server: FMS 13 on OSX 10.9, 8 GB RAM

      Clients: Safari 7, FireFox 25


      Simple table, newly created in FMP13, 5K records, sub-summary by any text field.


      Sub-summary (leading) followed by body part works well, sometimes very well. Remove the body part and server may peg one processor for several minutes. Sometimes I can get the report to show, usually not. For large tables, a report that takes 10 seconds on FMP becomes 10 minutes of waiting for the server to stop processing whatever it thinks it is processing. Attempts to log off the user seem to be futile until the process has completed.


      Testing from a Mac using Safari 7. Same issue on FireFox (yes, I know this browser is not supported for some reason) but at least I get this message:


      A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

      Script: http://207.255.xxx.xxx/fmi/webd:624


      If I re-sort, I can typically view a few of the summary rows, but usually not all of them.

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          fmscwpc pegged at 100% for over 15 minutes after running one small report that should have taken a few seconds. Once completed I was able to view four summary rows when there should be about 100. Once this happens, any attempts to get the report to screen will fail.


          Summaries in WD (a great feature once it is working) is buggy and places too much strain on the server. I bet I could bring a server to its knees with all eight cores running by asking eight users run a simple report.


          I do like that WD is very fast at searches and sorts, much like IWP has been all these years. There are some incredible visual advancements and much better error trapping, but no PDF (like IWP), you have to carefully trap for returns on most every field (like IWP), and sub-summaries involving over 100 records will have to wait.


          I'll pretty sure I'll be able to convince our current IWP clients to switch to WD as soon as I am certain we won't be melting CPUs.

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            I am seeing similar results for Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows. Reports without a body either won't show, or will initially, but large amounts of data (whole subsummaries) disappear from the screen when I try scrolling.


            However, with Chrome and Maxthon (not supported, but I'm not surprised, it's not very well known) the reports generate just fine. A bit slower than with FMP, but they work.


            I'm hoping that in this case the fault really lies with the browsers. According to http://html5test.com/index.html Chrome and Maxthon have scores of 503 and 485 out of 555 points when it comes to html5 compliance. Safari and IE are both below 400 in their current versions. I'm wondering how many performance issues that we are initially seeing will go away as browsers get with the program on the new standards.

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              Firefox is not supported.  I would not use it.


              IE is the worst of the supported browsers, I would not use it.


              Chrome and Safari both peform pretty well. 


              I would not try to do report layouts in WebDirect.