FM v13 Object Hiding Tip

Discussion created by jasontallman on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2013 by intex

We found a great use for object hiding in Filemaker 13. We sell a vertical solution and many times customers will request that a drop down menu work differently then we have it setup in our solution. Because the layout is locked if we change it one way ultimately some other customer isn't happy.


For example on our line items table. When using the item code field some customers want to see the item code and the item description in the drop down to select the item code. Other customers only want to see just the item code description. What we have done now is add a simple preference field for each drop down field. Then stack the same field on top of each other with each copy of the field being set to the different varations allowed when setting up a drop down menu. Now the user can easily control how "they" think the field should display the drop down. The other fields are just hidden from the layout. AWESOME !!!