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Set a field to display specific information.

Question asked by hafiz5198 on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by cwiltgen86

Hello there!

I have a question to ask.

I'm creating a database for a tuition centre and at the student's registration layout, I've put a some checkbox to choose the subjects. Down there is a field where it will total the subjects selected and I've managed to do it right. The problem is that the fees are different depending on the number of subjects u choose (e.g. 1 subject = $50, 2 subjects = $90, 3 subjects = $135 and so on) and I don't know how to set a new field so that it will display the fees depending on the total of subjects selected (which is in another field). Let's say if "Field A" displays number "3", then "Field B" displays "$135". In short, the question is "How to create 'Field B'?"


Hope the professionals could help me although there's a lot of grammatical errors here.