WebDirect URL conversion from IWP URL with account name and password

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Dec 9, 2013
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I have been running a URL for a registration web page (public access) using Instant Web Publishing. The URL under FileMaker Server 12 and IWP was:





I'm trying to duplicate this in WebDirect and want to know what the URL would be for Web Direct. I know it starts out like:





I know page 26 of the WebDirect Users Guide gives the following example URL:



http://<IP address>:<Port number>/fmi/webd#<database name>&lay=<layout name>&viewstyle=<vie w>&record=<record number>&mode=<mode> 


I just am not sure how to put in the User Name and Password (or if there is a way to have it default to Guest or however you can by pass giving credentials since this is public access that anyone can get to.


Thanks for any assistance!



Dallas, Texas