I have a Dream... A new line or re-worked line of FMP products. Filemaker inc. please, read. Thanks.

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I have a dream.


A new line or re-worked line of FMP products.


Wher Filemaker inc. makes big money. And where developpers can still developp and sell local or web solutions with Filemaker.



- Filemaker GO (IOS, WinPhone to be discussed)

- Filemaker Desktop : Filemaker Go for PC / Mac (public price = VSLA FMP Price)

- Filemaker Professionnal

A super Filemaker Advanced, higher priced, but with those very features (and others) :

Native Scheduler -
DBplanner connected to a table


Dynamic Field labels
Labels that can be renamed on the form (in any view)


New DBgrid
Kind of portal with Native sorting capabilities or list view that can be embedded in a Panel


Native Progress Bar
Progress bar shown and performing during a script (on the desktop and in the web browser)

Client-server / Web connection for the Runtimes
Ability for the runtimes produced with FMPA to connect to a local or remote server


Charting in the RunTimes
Ability to make Charts in the runtimes


PDF in the RunTimes
Ability to make PDF in the runtimes


Email Sending with HTML feature
Message can be formated in HTML


- Filemaker Server + connections packs (the business model we have now in FMP 13)


- Filemaker pro and Filemaker Advanced : no more.




I can already do all those things with for some instance Delphi or Lazarus and PostGreSql or FireBird, or in Windev/WebDev, or in 4D and others major EDIs...


But I would like (for speed), to favor Filemaker.

We'll see.


May be some of you have different point of views. That could be very interesting if you whish to share them.

Thanks in advance.