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Discussion created by nickchapin on Dec 10, 2013
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A co-worker wanted to see related data on popover on a portal row and suggested using some sql to create a virtual list. Of course, we can't create a traditional virtual list and populate records 'cause we can't put a portal on a popover within a portal. Consequently I went with setting multiple global variables.


I also wanted to be able to sort on the header of the variable list, and I wanted to click on a list item to get more info on that item within the same popover.


There were a few caveats in realizing this; one can't put a slider on a pop on a portal, nor can one use goto object to make a popover "slide" over to reveal more of the popover. However, the goto field does work for that.


Ideally one would limit the number of items in our related list then put a google-like "next five" kinda nav at the bottom of the list. This has the benefit of not making sql calls with lots of data.


One of the things I'm not thrilled about is how closing a popver leaves the focus on the popver button, while just clicking out of the popover does not. I also wish the scroll bars wouldn't show up.


Note that I haven't tested this on a pc nor on a network with lots o' records, so your mileage may vary.


Anyway, take a look at the quickie file I put together. Make sure you click the Cost and Supplier headers and click on the supplier name in the popover. If anyone has any improvements let me know.