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Will we eventually be able to export Excel from WebDirect?

Question asked by tomlangton on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by tomlangton

I have a need for this.

I have been accomplishing the same function using Lasso (with FMSA11 as the datasource), setting an file export marked up with html, and exporting the file with an ".xls" extension.

The exported file (which is actually text) opens up in Excel with html formatting intact.


For my needs I don't need an "real" Excel file (all the XMLy goodness underneath the covers), but rather a file that opens by double clicking on either Mac or Win and respects HTML formatting.


WebDirect may (finally) be my escape hatch from Lasso, but this function is missing - without explanation.

I've looked at the Troi File Plugin and am not sure if the answer is there.


Does anyone know if:

this is a technical issue?

this will be enabled in the future?