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Help with loops and relations ?

Question asked by bartprins on Dec 11, 2013
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Hi again,


I've got another problem with loops and probably relations, still not getting it as newbie

I made an example db to make it more visual.


I've got a couple of tables Client..Products...ProductDescription

The tables Client and Product will be imported from a textfile which is get from a third party. The Products however only have a number in the table, i have a table made which is called Productdescription, where i want to lookup the value of Product for example the value is 3. In the descriptiontable the value of 3 should be referenced ( i hope this a correct word ) as "Apples" if the productvalue is 2 then it should say "Grapes"


I have to this for a couple of thousand products and descriptions so would like make a loop where i checks the value of Product and matches this with the Productdescription and do this for all Clientrecords.


I would be much oblidged if someone could point me in the right direction!!


Thanks !


Bart Prins