Logging into web direct db without being challenged for credentials

Discussion created by mcarey on Dec 11, 2013
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With IWP you could have users log into an IWP solution without being challenged for credentials by setting the Guest account with IWP rights. The user would not be challenged for credentials or have to click the Guest radio button (in fact they would not be shown the IWP login page) as long as the Guest account was the only FMP Security account that was given IWP rights.

Is there a way to duplicate this end result in FM13 Web Direct. I would like to have my Web Direct users click on a link that would take them directly into the solution where I would challenge them for a login/password screen that is part of my own login system. I do not want to set up the guest account as the auto login under FileOptions as my FileMaker client users would then have to hold down the option or shift key to not be auto logged in. Thanks.