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    How about some Kudos!?


      While there is some understandable consternation over new pricing and licensing policies with FM13, I want to share some good news and thanks.


      First, thank you to FMI for putting out a solid release with some of the best new features ever in a Filemaker update.


      We're only a week and change in, but so far, this product is magnitudes better off the line than Filemaker 12 was. (Folks remember that pain?).


      In less than a week, I have recieved my update, installed FM Server, and rolled out our first version of an actual working web based version of our software. No Citrix, no terminal server. I've modified a few key routines to run using the new Perform on Server script, and while the interface is not as "snappy" as FMPro, it is extremely usable, and the key functions of our application are actually running faster, with less "mess" on the client workstation than with any previous release. Because we can now do things on the server, we are now allowing remote clients to purchase and install FM Pro and connect in to our server remotely. The performance is VERY VERY good, and initial testing shows it to be robust. The fact that I was able to accomplish all this in a matter of days is a TESTAMENT to how good and usable Filemaker Pro is.


      I want to add, that our application's interface is one of the gnarliest animals out in the Filemaker wild. We have over a thousand fields, dozens of tabs, and we are pushing FMPro, let alone WebDirect to it's bloody edges. We made only minor tweaks to get the app up and running in WebDirect, and it looks DARN GOOD. The server we are running on is six years old, and moderately equipped. We are putting a new/used server in that will have 12 cores, 32GB of RAM and a RAID 10 drive array as a dedicated WebServer for Filemaker and expect the speed to be even better. Total cost for that server was less than 4K.


      Now, this is V1, we have some minor glitches (far less than the healthcare.gov site). No show stoppers so far. We have to roll our own printing engine. I expect to spend a couple weeks doing that. We expect v revs will improve things and we expect to hit some snags. But overall, I am thrilled with what is in this release.


      So to all the great engineers, product managers, and other staff at FMI, I want to say, WELL DONE! I haven't been this excited about a new product in many years. I believe we are just getting warmed up, and as a community we will see some fabulous stuff being created with FM13. I can't wait for Devcon this year.


      Thank you for all the work that went into this release!


      Kind regards,

      Lee Snover

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          Here's mine for FileMaker! I'm not as far along but not far behind on one of my projects, Lee.



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            Well summarized, Lee. Very well summarized indeed.




            FM 13 is a game changer for my team of seasoned, professional FileMaker developers … and even more so for our clients.




            Well done, FileMaker, Inc. …






            Peace, love & brown rice,


            Morgan Jones




            FileMaker + Web:  Design, Develop & Deploy


            Certifications: FileMaker 9, 10, 11 & 12


            Member: FileMaker Business Alliance


            One Part Harmony <http://www.onepartharmony.com/>  


            Austin, Texas • USA



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              My sincere Kudo for Filemaker.


              I know I can be very hard and demanding with my outspoken.

              So are my customers with me. And I won't change. That's the way I am.


              But I want to thank Filemaker for 2 great things in FMP 13 : the ability to hide objects on a form and the AES crypting.


              THAT makes me think a lot about upgrading.

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                Lee --


                It's good to see a positive thread about FileMaker 13. Thanks for getting it started!


                I posted something similar to this over on my blog, but I think it is worth repeating:


                I want to thank the entire team at FileMaker Inc, for creating such an amazing platform. It never ceases to amaze me how FileMaker turns out version after version full of features that delight, amaze, and empower us. FileMaker 13 is no exception, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.


                -- Tim

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                  Thanks for starting this thread. I've read the other long thread and understand both sides. I've been using FileMaker since version 7 so not as seasoned as many of you and I'm far from a developer. I love the ease of creating a solution that works on the desktop, iPad, iPhone and now the web with really very little tinkering. Is it perfect? No. It's pretty darn good though. I especially appreciate the inclusion of encryption in this release.


                  Thanks FileMaker Team!



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                    Thanks to FileMaker for FMGo 13. Layout caching and screen refresh seems much better than FMGo 12 and earlier. Much less 'flashing' when scrolling long lists (at least with databases on the device, haven't tried hosted databases yet).

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                      Web direct is really such a major step forward for me, and it's got enormous potential, goodbye and good riddance to iwp.


                      Encryption, styles, sliders and pop overs, rationalizing layout creation with the field picker,  are all very welcome changes, as is of course the even more robust encryption.


                      I also really liked how advanced and normal server are one program, now with the applet in html5. I hope though that they issue more affordable licensing schemes for it though.

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                        Well said Lee!


                        I am dealing with a smaller system than you I am sure - a new framework I designed mid 2012 for deployment to FMGo - thus rethought and much simplified.


                        I found major benefits under FM Web Direct from biting the bullet and creating my own theme - by modifying an existing std theme and saving it as a new theme - then updating all my layouts to use the theme and removing any that didn't - with a single theme controlling the whole App - as reported elsewhere - I have seen very good performance.


                        FMI's problem is that most folk will naturally want to use FMWD to publish their existing legacy systems - without investing in a rewrite - and the performance of that deployment is very dependent on the efficiency of their architecture - with layout rendering being a significant factor.


                        The key concept for me has been to keep in mind when designing that of course the server has to do everything to publish every step of every user session - as opposed to most of the work being undertaken by the users local client device - hence doing everything possible to reduce the amount of work the server has to do at each step is clearly crucial.


                        However, on the flip side - FM WebDirect delivers blinding speed compared with Pro over WAN due to the lack of network lag / latency when undertaking a multi step operation since Server and the WebPublishing Engine are working side by side to resolve the instructions received before the result is published by FM WebDirect and delivered to the user.


                        So my take on this is that I can run at least 10 simultaneous FM WebDirect sessions on a MacMini Server with 8 Gb RAM - it could be more - my current target is 25 - but I haven't yet organised enough users - but using a system specifically designed for this type of deployment.


                        Cheers and best wishes for 2014



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                          To be fair, you should explain that your solution is all ESS




                          > The other aspect of our app, is the main structure is essentially a big flat table.  We have found we pay a big penalty in Filemaker for using relationships.  Our backend db is SQL and is broken up differently, but the presentation layer in Filemaker has been kept as simple as possible for a variety of reasons.

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                            Actually, this particular project has very little ESS.   The main database has no ESS in it.  It is an FM only database.   It exchanges data with an intermediate database that does use ESS.  This particular application was re-engineered to be able to run stand alone in FM only, and OPTIONALLY can connect to our Oracle DB for more sophisticated capabilities.     The part that we are running in WebDirect, is entirely FM.   It exchanges data with the other DBs purely through import/export and Execute SQL (Script Step) functions.  The Execute Script on server function in FM13 is part of what has allowed us to do this efficiently and relatively transpartently to the end user. 


                            We've backed off on our use of ESS a bit due to performance issues with sorting and cross relation searches.    I hope we will be able to do more again in the future, but it will depend a bit on what FMI decides related to enhancing ESS.    I still use ESS extensively, but we sometimes do not use it for other reasons (in this case, because we wanted something that was usable stand alone). 




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                              Same to you Nick!


                              I'm very optimistic about the capabilities FM13 has introduced.   It will be a very productive year, and I anticipate many new customers for our software because of what we are now able to do with Filemaker.    Now that we've had a few weeks under our belt, I can say this release is one of the most solid new releases of Filemaker I can recall.  Rick, Eric, Terry and the rest of the team deserve recognition for a super solid release considering all that went into it. 


                              Kind regards,


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                                Great thread! 


                                The Software:  I wasn't that excited about the next release of FM ... I assumed it would be more of the same but 13 is NOT the same and you can actually FEEL the difference in everything you do.  It is elegant and lean.  Sure there are a few things to work out yet but FMI has obviously cleaned house from the bottom up (all except import/export unfortunately, lol).  I could not recommend 13 more.


                                The FMI staff:  It is obvious that something major has changed within FMI in the past few years and it is showing throughout their website, responsiveness, attitude and product.  I am S-T-O-K-E-D about working with FileMaker now; both the product and the FMI team.


                                2014 is going to be an exciting, productive year as we move into this multi-device world we now occupy and FMI is at the front of that starting line. 

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                                  Hey Lee,


                                  Totally agree with you.

                                  FMI has done a great job with 13.

                                  The new features are awesome and well executed.

                                  Love it!

                                  Bill Miller

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                                    I concur.


                                    The feature that enables hiding things is not getting as much fanfare as the other features, but it qualifies as awesome.


                                    I hope we can also get back to the previous method of uploading files to the server.  Not instead of, but in addition to the new way.


                                    Dennis Burnham

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