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Copying data from one table to the other

Question asked by maurice2307 on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by Stephen Huston

Goodmorning fellow Filemakers,


I would like to ask your assistance with the following.

There are 2 tables: offers and orders. I make plenty of offers and on average 1 out of 10 becomes an order.

When an order arrives, I need to manually type in the data in the new order record which are already in the existing offers record - not very efficient.


I’d like to be able to when in the offers layout: click a button which activates a script (or a series of scripts) which will:


a) create a new record in the orders table;

b) copy the information from the fields of the offer;

c) insert that copied data into the designated fields of the newly created orders record;

d) take me to the orders layout so that I can complete the orders record, print, etc.


Needless to say there are many if’s and but’s and calculations to perform, but if you could just show me the principle of how this functions, than I can probably sort out the rest myself.


Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,