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editing DynamicValue list

Question asked by raphthepenguin on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by raphthepenguin

I am having a Dynamic Value list of Schools.

My goal is that once a school is selected the corresponding Data is shown.


So I have a on modify script

It searches for the schoolname and persons ID and then shows the contacts.

It is all working so far.

The only problem I have is, adding a new school. Once a key is pressed the script runs.


My Idea for the solution is having a new layout (same look), and a new field dev_schoolname.

The value list would then come from the dev_schoolname field. Once a new school is created it would add it to the list...


But this sounds to me like a huge workaround. I guess it would work. But I am still learing alot with FM and was wondering if there wouldnt be a way easier solution to this!?


Any help or Idea is very welcome!


Thanks people, you are great!