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Server Side Script to Import Files

Question asked by deninger on Dec 11, 2013

I am looking for ideas on the best way to handle importing files from a shared folder into Filemaker, ideally done by the FM Server and not the client.


As work progresses in my store, a number of .jpg files are created on a shared server folder. I want these images imported into a FM Database, but only once per file. These images are only a few KB in size (black and white 494x652 pixels). Either the file path or the file name needs to be stored in the database along with the image, as the file name references what the image represents (the file name in the example below is 0866960.jpg and that number is used as a search field)




I have created an Automator action that is able to send the files to Filemaker leveraging the Filemarker URL protocol and this works. The disadvantages is that is ties up a workstation or computer (literally, while the URL's are triggering the Filemaker Import Script, it is impossible to do any other work on the comuter!)


Ideally, I would like to schedule a Server Side Script to inport the files every x minutes (and x would ideally be fairly small)


Any input is appreciated.