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Question about dateformat ?

Question asked by bartprins on Dec 12, 2013
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Hi there,


Again thanks for helping out with my questions, i'm starting to feel like a leecher hahaha, i'm reviewing the forum but am still such a newbie that i can't answer anyone else's problem.


I've got yet another question, i'm getting data from a third party where they use date's in a format of CCYYMMDD as plain text no dateformat. In my country we use a date as DDMMYYCC for readabillity.

Is there a way to change these values in for example a report?


And as an extra question is it possible to edit the notation when a user enters for example: 01-12-2013 (DDMMYYCC) to 20131201 in a field? In access would do this use a notation but can't really find this in Filemaker


thanks !


Bart Prins

The Netherlands