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FileMaker External Datasource multiple addresses

Question asked by iwillmobile on Dec 12, 2013
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I have developed a Solution using the data model separation design. The DB is on a FMS and the clients use FMGO and FMPro12 with the UI and logic. Everything goes quite well except for one thing: If I set the external datasource address (where the FMS DB is) to the lan ip of the server, when the clients go outside the office they cannot connect to the server (as expected). If i set the external datasource address as the wan ip address of the FMS Server, then they can connect when they are outside the office but not when they are at the office (as expected too).


So what I need is to be able to change the FileMaker External Datasource address "dynamically" so that when iPads (for example) are at the office, they connect to the lan ip and when they are outside the office they connect to the wan ip, without users intervention. (I know that I could script the "Manage External Datasources" and let them choose but this is not aplicable in this case).


I've tried to include the two addresses (lan+wan) in the datasource address box i.e.:


fmnet:/x.x.x.x/aTestModel /* Let's say this is lan ip address */


fmnet:/y.y.y.y/aTestModel /* And this would be wan ip address */



This aproach works but with a big problem: it has an enourmous timeout of about 1min, which makes it useless because clients don't want to be 1 min waiting to be connected to the model.


Has somebody any suggestion regarding this? Is it possible to change the External Datasource timeout time to, by example, 5-10s? That would be acceptable and would make this work.


If not, which approach do you follow in this kind of scenarios (office/remote users) ?


Another solution would be to have two versions of the client part, one pointing to the lan and another to the wan, but I don't think this is elegant, and also has the problem that every change we make on the client part would have to be applied to the two versions...


Any help will be appreciated!!!