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    FM13 text formatting not working


      I cannot get my text on a sample layout to center. I type in a simple sentence with the text tool onto a layout and then center it....when I look at it web direct it show the text as left justified. (I've tried Arial and Verdana). Copying over some buttons from FM12...some of the centered button text comes accross and some does not. I had to re-create the buttons and then the button text would stay centered in web view. A few layouts I brought accross from FM12 to FM13 kept their centered text formatting and some did not. Anyone else experiencing this?


      On another note, I noticed that Web direct is much slower than IWP. Although the web direct technology certainly offers much more functionality the speed issue has me concerened. Right now I am testing with just one connection and very simple layouts. I see the hardware requirement for 10-20-50 concurrent connections are very beefy boxes (8 cores if you are running up to 25 web connections. WOW!!

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          Filemaker pro 13 is over 250mb to install in some cases. So yes, the amount of UI/UX data it needs to push to a user for webdirect for "the filemaker experience" requires a lot more horsepower than the simple functionality of IWP. There have been many articles over the past few years about optimizing your solutions for WAN performance. You can have a layout with one field, but load 100,000 records and make that field a summary and boom, bad performance. I'd imagine there will be continuing articles from the community with similar performance tips for webdirect. As it's been out less than a month, there's not a lot on webdirect yet as a lot of developers are still playing with it.


          As for your text issue, I'd try removing all the styles first to make it a plain unformatted object, then re-adding the attributes one by one, seeing if it breaks anywhere.


          It's a first release, not everything will be perfect!