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Many to Many Relationship and auto-updated field

Question asked by robrickard on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Im not fully sure how to ask, but i can give an example of what im looking for:


I have a many to many relationship with a join table. In that join table i have the the two ID fields links to their Key field in the other parent tables and all works well. What i want to do is have a field in the join table that will auto update to whats in a field in one of the parent tables. This field is the name of that 'group' and over time it may change. Due to this, we need that field in the join table to be updated to the parent table newly updated field so the updated data will show in the portal. I hope that is clear to what im trying to do.

It would be amazing if we could use the relationships to have multiple table data in a portal (the join and the other parent table). I know i can write a script that once the data is updated in the parent table it then does a search and loop to update all the join tables. Im not sure if that is a better process vs anything else that may be available.


thanks for any help,