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    Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) behavior change in FMGo 13


      I recently created a script so that when users of a solution I wrote hit the "Next" button in the iPad keyboard it would jump down a portal grid instead of across. This worked great until we bough some new iPad 3s and installed FMGo 13. Has anyone heard of a workaround for this? It actually works the first time you hit return, it jumps to the same field in the row below but then any subsequent "Next" hits jumps along the tab order. Eliminating tab order simply stops it from jumping to the side but does not resolve. Any input is greatly appreciated.


      If [Get (TriggerKeystroke ) = Char ( 13 )]

      Set Variable [$Row; Value;Get (ActivePortalRowNumber)]

      Go to Portal Row [Select; Nodialog; $Row + 1]

      Go to Field [Table::Field]

      Exit Script [Result: False]

      End If


      This is triggered by an OnObjectKeystroke

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          I just noticed the catalyst to the problem. The portal field where this script is triggered also has a scrip triggered on ObjectEnter that contains a commit records step. This was put in place so that it "Kickes" the cursor out of the record 10 seconds after they get in so that they record is not locked to other users. For some reason this did not create an issue in FMGo12 but does in 13.