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    Portals with New Records in Columns versus Rows


      Is it possible to create portals that show new records vertically verus in horizontal rows?

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          Not as such; you could experiment with using single-row portals, where each has a different starting row, and trying to find a suitable side-by-side arrangement.

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            Just stumbled across this, don't know if you're still looking, but I have done this before, and it is not very difficult. Below is a quick step by step list of how to do this.


            1. Create a portal without vertical scrolling allowed, and set the number of rows to one. Leave initial row to one as well. We will come back to this later on.

            2. On the related table, create a field, we'll call it Table::Serial that gives each record a number, so the first record would be 1, next record 2, and so on.

            3. Back on your original layout, the one with the portals, create a field, we'll call it MainTable::Serial and set it to 1.

            4. Set the filtering option of your first portal to show only the record where Table::Serial equals MainTable::Serial.

            5. Copy this portal as many times as you want, but set the filtering options so for the second one, it shows the record where Table::Serial = MainTable::Serial + 1. And on the third portal, it would be Table::Serial = MainTable::Serial + 2, etc.

            6. We'll say you have 5 portals lined up, so you see records 1 through 5. just set the field MainTable::Serial to 6 and commit the record. Then you'll see records 6-10. An easy way to do this, is to create a button that has two steps: Set Field [MainTable::Serial ; MainTable::Serial + 5] (And a previous button that does ( - 5 )

            Commit Records/Requests [Perform without dialog]

            You now have a horizontal portal!