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Filemaker 13 on windows and CALs

Question asked by nfranco on Dec 13, 2013

Hi everybody,


I'm not sure if this question has been solved previously. Sorry if it's the case.


I have a client who is running a FM12 solution on a Windows Enterprise edition server. Now we want to upgrade tyo FM13 but we need to upgrade the OS to Windows 2013 server. The client has a bunch of virtual machines and the authentification service is on another machine, different of the one who runs FM. Now my question is, if he buys a licence of W2013 for the new virtual server (FM13), I'm preatty sure he doesn't need to buy CALs (Client Access Licence) for the FM connection, but doest he need cals for the authentification service, even if this service is on another machine? And for the printing services?


Many thanks in advance