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    Importing Data and Inactive Records


      I am new to FM Pro so be patient...I am importing a monthly complete list of contacts in a csv file that can have new contacts and/or be missing contacts from the previous import. I don't want to delete any records from my FM database but would like to mark the existing records as inactive if they don't exist in the lastest import. Right now I am importing into a ContactImport table seperate from my normal Contacts Table as the data needs minor cleanup prior to moving into a couple of different tables. I am assuming this could be done in a script but not sure how this works given its an import, and also should I be importing into a ContactImport Table or into my main Contacts Table initially on import?

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          Looks like several folks have looked at this but no repsonses...Is it confusing?

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            Your question had an uncanny similarity with a question in another forum; I thought you were somebody else … so to speak.


            See if this post helps you; it describes a general approach to compare data sets and identify new and missing customers therein.

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              Hi Kwinder,


              If I understand your requirement correctly, I think you can approach the task by using the fact that following any import, you will always be left with a found set of the imported records in the recipient table. That means you can use Show Omitted to see a found set of the reords that were not uppdated by the import. You can then mark these records as inactive using a Replace command in the appropriate field.


              To make this work your ContactImport table should have no records before the import from the CSV file. After cleaning up the data as needed, it would be during the import of these records into your main Contacts table where you'd manage the two found sets for marking the inactive contacts.


              There will be other ways of accomplishing your request but the above procedure requires no additional relationships, nor the assembly of record IDs. You need to run through the procedures manually before encapsulating the steps into a script. You also have to be mindful of deleting any fields in the recipient tables as that will surely rearrange your import maps, unless to have matchig field names in the two Contact tables and set that option when creating the import map.


              I hope this helps,



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                Thank you for the insights, this was what I was thinking but you validated my assupmtions. I need to spend time with the scripting but it sounds pretty straight forward.

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                  Thank you Erolst, and you are correct that is very simular to my question...