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    Upgrading to FMS 13 and CWP


      I've just upgraded to FileMaker Server 13 from Server 12 Advanced. I had a single machine instellation. I'have a large number of PHP files that reside on the same server as part of my CWP solutions. Since my server upgrade from 12 to 13, I cannot access any of my php files as FileMaker Server 13 has changed my server settings to enable WebDirect etc. This is what my server administrator in Rackspace says:


      It appears as though the new install has changed some things. I see 2 websites:

      "Default Web Site" which points to folder C:inetpubwwwroot


      "FMWebSite" which points to folder C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerHTTPServerconf

      They both have the same bindings so they can not both be on at the same time


      I created 3 files:

      1. test.htm
      2. test.php
      3. phpinfo.php


      I created these files in the following folders:


      C:inetpubwwwroot ca

      C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerHTTPServerconf


      When I have the "Default Web Site" site on ("FMWebSite" off) I can reach


      When I have the "FMWebSite" site on ("Default Web Site" off) I can reach


      so that does tell me IIS is working and so is php and I can still reach (when "Default Web Site" is on). I can not get to and when I try, it responds with "The record id is missing."


      How can I fix this?


      Do I need a multi-macnine instellation for Server 13 if I want to have custom web published php files hosted, or can I still manage with a single machine setup?

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          Hi websalesabc,


          Things have changed with v13. I'm not sure if you had a close look at the FileMaker Server Getting Started guide but this snippet from page 9 should help explain what's happening:


          Windows: The FileMaker Server installer runs the Microsoft Application Request Routing (ARR) installer (which enables the IIS web server, if it isn’t already), creates its own website in IIS, and configures the website to use ports 80 and 443. Make sure no existing website uses these ports.


          OS X: The web server included in OS X does not need to be enabled; if it is enabled, ensure that no existing website uses port 80 or 443. The installer creates a separate web server instance and enables it for FileMaker Server to use on these ports.


          Have a close read of this guide as it explains the changes with FMS v13 - essentially you can't host CWP sites like you did in the past with Web Direct running as only one can use ports 80/443.




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            Yep... such a 'bummer'....


            It is almost like FMI talked to Apple about flagging mini sales.... (devil)


            - Lyndsay

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              What is CWP?


              Is this important for us that doesn't use PHP in our Web solutions?

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                CWP is "Custom Web Publishing":




                It's only relevant if you wish to create PHP web pages to interact with your FileMaker databases via FileMaker Server and the FileMaker API for PHP.

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                  carlsson wrote:


                  What is CWP?


                  Is this important for us that doesn't use PHP in our Web solutions?


                  It is also relevant if you use the XML API in any way through any of the non-PHP APIs (.NET, Ruby, Python, ...)

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                    Or other flavored of PHP.


                    Really anything that can read the XML (two available grammars) is Custom Web Publishing. This would include .php, .asp, .net, etc.


                    And you can also web publish using xDBC (ODBC/JDBC) and any applications that can use these.


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                      I would like to check if webdirect and custom web publishing with PHP required 2 machines to run.





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                        You can deploy FileMaker Server across 1 or 2 machines - Chapter 3 of the FileMaker Server 13 Getting Started Guide covers these in more detail.




                        "FileMaker Server allows you to deploy its components on multiple machines to improve overall performance. In many environments, a single-machine deployment provides sufficient performance for web publishing. However, if FileMaker Server will be used frequently by internet clients accessing data with FileMaker WebDirect, XML, or PHP, then you can deploy the components of FileMaker Server across two machines.You can first deploy FileMaker Server on one machine. If the web publishing load increases, you can change your initial deployment to improve FileMaker Server’s performance."