Webprint Pos printer experiences?

Discussion created by auguste on Dec 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by hugov

I am looking at the new Star webprnt Pos printer, that looks interesting.


Have anybody tried to setup printing from Filemaker using this printer, using the webprnt technology?


The clever thing is that this printer seems to enable us to print direct to this printer, without IOS7 stupid printer dialogues.


But we have to figure out how to make the XMl / Java , and how to send it to the printer. Maybe through the Webviwer?


Easy to read, maintain and modify for developers; simply usethe appropriate XML tags or integrate Star’s WebPRNT Javascript library into your web-based application to begin printing from your application to Star’sTSP650II WebPRNT thermal receipt printer.In addition to web-based applications,