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Database not Modifiable in FMS13

Question asked by andruziwa on Dec 15, 2013

I have a troubling situation. I upgraded from FMS 12 to 13 today, on Os X 10.8.5. It was a beast with some JAVA problems but eventually worked out after researching some tips on this forum.


When I uploaded my database it all checked out and opened ok in the server. When I opened it from a remote host it looked promising but then I was hit by a message that the database is not modifiable.


I can see all the PDFs in the container fields, use scripts that navigate around, I can edit layouts etc. "File Options" is not available even in "developer custom menus." It seems that something happened to my database when it was moved to FMS13. The database is a .fmp12 database and I had already made many updates using FMP 13 Advanced.


Any advice? I'll keep trying a few things in the meantime.