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Boolean match field - global, or auto-enter?

Question asked by davehob on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by davehob

When filtering a self-join portal (not using portal filtering, because of the potentially large record count), I’m using a Boolean match field as part of the relationship, e.g.


FILTERIDS (a global multi-key) = id AND

matchOne = isStudent


I’ve experimented with matchOne as a global field (i.e. one value - "1" - for all records), and as an autoenter calc (i.e. the same value on each record), and both work fine. One downside of the global is getting it set (and keeping it set) when the file is on the server, the downside of the autoenter calc is (I assume) a minor storage overhead.

But are there other pros and cons, especially in terms of performance? (Whichever I use, I’m going to have to use a lot, so I want to get it right!)