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    WD My Cloud


      Has anybody tried to use a WD My Coud drive to access or share a filemaker file?


      Can you please let me know if you had any trouble or corruption of the file.

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          Since WD My Cloud is simply file storage, the only way to "open" it would be to open it over the network. That's not a great idea. Especially, if you are sharing the file.  You don't share a FileMaker file by multiple users navigating to a network location and double-clicking the file to open it on multiple computers.


          You HAVE to connect via FileMaker's Open Remote. FileMaker uses it's own network sharing protocol to allow mulitple connections.


          If you use WD My Cloud as a backup tool, then great. Save backup copies to that drive/cloud.

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            Thanks Joshua,


            Do you know if it is stable enough for a single user (one at a time) to use remotely?




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              If you are on your local network, maybe. One of the major problems that happens is if the network bugs out while the database is mid-script, mid-commit, etc...it could cause the database to get corrupted. It is really less of if it will, and more of how much and when.


              The danger really lies in the stability of the network, and what is happening to the file on the cloud drive. Things you don't normally notice can cause corruption to the data. Others may tell you it's just fine...but I've run into many files open this way that one day stop opening, or the results of calculations start coming back incorrect.

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                The thought of this is just scary... I will gladly give you 30 days of free FileMaker hosting to check out your FileMaker solution 'running in the cloud'. I think you will find that backups, performance, and access are much easier and consistant with best practices. I realize that you only have a single user, so after the first of the year; we will be introducing 'pay as you go' pricing which should bring your hositng costs to pennies a day.


                Even with our 'traditional' pricing, you are only looking at $12/mth- and that supports up to 12 users...



                We have used some high-end SAN (storage area network) solutions over wide area networks, but still that is to move backups and not used for production databases. It just doesn't sound like the best of ideas.


                We are not fans of the concept, but even Dropbox would be a better approach than what you suggested.

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                  Thank you.  I will keep this in mind.  The charity using the database is undergoing change so I will revisit this option in 2014.


                  Kind regards