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find empty records in a related table

Question asked by UrsSchuermann on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by UrsSchuermann

In a relation (related thru a like this. a::field_1 = b::field_2) two table are connecd. Table "a" has more recored then table "b". Therefore in table "b" appear some records as empty, because no relation can be established (like in a full outer join on any SQL DB). When I perform an interactive find and put an * in b::field_2 then I receive all related records (inner join). Then I select omit for the current found set and I recieve all records which have no relation, since they do not exist in the other table.


This is what I would like to achive through a script. Unfortunatelly may attemp to script this behavior repeatently fails.


Enter Find Mode[]

Set Field [b::field_2;"*"]

Perform Find []

Show Omitted Only


I receive always all recored instead the subset which I receive when I do it interactive as described before.


Does anybody has an idea what I do wrong? Thanks for your help.