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    Build (Create) a Kiosk


      Ok so I want to build a simple Kiosk (or at least I think its simple)

      I sketched it all out and it looks like what I need is


      1. Fields - so I can enter basic info on a customer

      2. check boxes - where they can check what they interested in

      3. Results interface of some kind - where I can review the information and contact these customers

      4. Add button - this is to add custs to my current database from the info I extracted from #3


      I know this is simple.

      ok so my Filemaker expertise level is: Novice


      I can do it with some guides. I know how to create

      a. Fields

      b. Check boxes

      c. portals

      d. General idea of scripts but not too far in detail


      Can someone with patience please tell me how to make this possible? Try to be discriptive so that it makes sense.

      Ive looked at this other guide on a sample Kiosk but when I attempted to strip it and put my info it didnt work so I feel doing one from scratch will best help me understand how to do one.(unless there is an effective one already out like in the Starter solutions


      I hope that this will not only help me but everyone that also wants to creat a Kiosk.


      Thanks in advance