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    Send Mail, to ...

      I would like to send an email to an adress and when my email client opens I would like to see the name and not the adress.


      On the mac Mail the format for email would be for example : John Dowell <arachna24565435@gmail.com>


      Is it possible to give this info to my email client using the send mail script step? This would really make things easier. Also because the email client remembers the name of the people I send an email to.


      A few days later I will remember "John Dowell" but not "arachna24565435@gmail.com"


      Hope I am clear...





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          Mike Duncan

          It has been a while since I've done this, but from what I remember, it depended on the email client. Some accepted the format you give in your example and others were more fussy. Of course, I usually avoid sending through a desktop email client and use smtp server, an email plugin, or some external scripting to send email.

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            Mike....just curious, in the case of external scripting, what are you using?    I'm looking for a bombproof way to send eMails that I feel is completly reliable and predictable.  

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              Mike Duncan

              For plugins I like the plugin Mailit by Dacons, it also can do POP and IMAP. There are a few other plugins that can send email if that's all you need, SMTPit is good and 360 works Scriptmaster is also good. I have used both of those before.


              For external scripting, PHP is my go-to tool. I can call a PHP script with a web viewer and pass it parameters it needs. In my PHP scripts, I typically use a library (phpmailer) for sending email via smtp instead of relying on the built in php command to send via sendmail. That is more reliable and better supported since your email comes from a mail server rather than a web server's IP address which may not have a mx reputation associated with it.


              The php script can in turn talk to filemaker server if needed, so in some cases all you need to send it is a record ID to find and send an email.