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    13: Puzzled about committing record when dragging file into a container field


      I am finding that when you drag a file into conatiner field in FM pro, the record commits imediately , but when I use "Insert Picture" or "Insert File" it does not and the "Revert Record" menu item is available.


      I was testing the script below (See graphic) to prevent a web direct user from inserting a massive file into field. It is used as an "On Field Modify" triggered script. With WD it works as intented: the field reverts to its original contents (if any).


      Howver in FMP it does not work if drag a file into the container field -- field is saved and the record commits, to the revert record step does not work.


      I can easliy find a work around and am NOT asking for folks to suggest one, but I am curious as to whether this "auto commit on drag into a container field" is expected bahavior?


      FWIW I have tried "Exit Script (false) in place of Revert Record -- makes no difference



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          Interesting. I assume it has to do with how/when FM commits the record. To you use Insert picture you have to actually have clicked into the field to make it active. The field then remains active once the insert has happened the field remains active and the record is not committed, hence revert is available. If the field is active when you drag and drop (ie. your cursor is in there) revert will be available, but it is also possible to drag and drop into an inactive container, in which case the field remains inactive and record commit appears to take place on the fly without the field becoming active.