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13: Puzzled about committing record when dragging file into a container field

Question asked by Oliver_Reid on Dec 17, 2013
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I am finding that when you drag a file into conatiner field in FM pro, the record commits imediately , but when I use "Insert Picture" or "Insert File" it does not and the "Revert Record" menu item is available.


I was testing the script below (See graphic) to prevent a web direct user from inserting a massive file into field. It is used as an "On Field Modify" triggered script. With WD it works as intented: the field reverts to its original contents (if any).


Howver in FMP it does not work if drag a file into the container field -- field is saved and the record commits, to the revert record step does not work.


I can easliy find a work around and am NOT asking for folks to suggest one, but I am curious as to whether this "auto commit on drag into a container field" is expected bahavior?


FWIW I have tried "Exit Script (false) in place of Revert Record -- makes no difference



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