$20/user Concurrent Licenses before Dec 21, 2013 from Worldcloud, Inc.

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Worldcloud routinely resales FileMaker licensing to it's clients. Other than our monthly and/or shared server clients, it is a better value for our clients to purchase AVLA licensing as opposed to renting licensing monthly from Worldcloud. This in fact is part of the reason why FileMaker created the FBA program. Once a year we renew the majority of our FileMaker licesning with AVLA licensing. This year, our annual PO is due on Dec 22, 2013. Normally, our users would not care when our licensing renews, as we can resale new licensing at any time through the FileMaker FBA website. The 'catch' this year is that FileMaker has been particualrly generous with the 'conversion' of FileMaker Server Advanced licenses. Not only is the least expensive SKU to get 25 concurrent licenses, but they are also allowing us to increase of these licenses as long as the increase is done on the same aggreement as an existing FileMaker Server Advanced AVLA order, placing us in a unique position to make 'awesome' deals to our clients.





Since Worldcloud has the ability to purchase multiple FileMaker Server Advanced / FileMaker 13 Server + 25 Concurrent license on Dec 22 under FMI's current upgrade policy, we are offering 'almost half price' on a license which FMI normally sells for $1,848. This is a one year, AVLA license.


Offer #1

$999 for FileMaker Server 13 + 25 Concurrent licenses

think of it as WebDirect/ Go for under $28 per user!!!

for use on any FileMaker Server- including your local servers

offer expires Dec 21, 2013


Offer #2

$799 for FileMaker Server 13 + 25 Concurrent licenses

think of it as WebDirect/ Go for under $20 per user!!!

when ordered with a Worldcloud Dedicated FileMaker Server**

offer expires Dec 21, 2013


Offer #3

20% Off on Annual Service Plans at Worldcloud

Shared, Dedicated, and/or virtual clients

expires on Dec 31, 2013







We have our own reasons:


  1. We realize the number of licenses we purchase from FileMaker is part of the critera used to determine whether a vendor may be considered for FBA Partner status
  2. If we sell enough of these licenses, we can get better 'Tier pricing' on our entire order and will save us money on other licenses on this order.
  3. It's a way to promote Dedicated FileMaker Servers from Worldcloud
  4. It's a way to stop (some) of the compaining about FileMaker's new pricing
  5. It makes us money - not much, but about what we would normally make off reselling a FMI Server license
  6. It's an oppotunity to sell additional licensing- we give (modest) discounts on all FileMaker licensing- call/email for quote
  7. We are in a position (as an AVLA FileMaker Server Advanced license holder) which many other users do not qualify



Normally, we do not go into the specific details of our license renewals in a public forum; however, in this case we felt that if users understood the situation they are more adpt to beleive the creditbiltiy of our offers...


** see for pricing of dedicated servers, price not included as part of 'Offer #2'. Monthly and annual pricing available for more info

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