What's WebDirect and/or FileMaker Go worth on an 'hourly basis'? Feedback needed...

Discussion created by worldcloud on Dec 17, 2013
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We have been offering ‘free’ FileMaker Server 13 hosting for the past several weeks, not to mention we have built several tools to parse FileMaker Usage logs and both WebDirect and FileMaker Go users do not spend ‘hours’ per session the way many users may in FileMaker Pro. We have had over 400 users connect to that server with over 15 solutions on it and we have yet to see more than eight concurrent Go/WebDirect users.


This is a ‘truly free’ server for anyone to test with in December, so the cost is not the issue. If this type of use remains typical, then the ‘real-world’ cost of WebDirect is not nearly as crazy as people are fearing. The fact is that every solution is different, but we are a hosting provider we ‘have to’ determine ‘averages’ over a large number of solutions.


As of the first of the year, we are releasing ‘Pay as you Go’ pricing and our initial math tells us that we can charge as little as the following:


$.03/hr for WebDirect

$.02/hr for FileMaker Go (less hardware)

$.01/hr for FileMaker Pro/ Pro Advanced (less expensive licensing)



We are considering a number of different options, and we are looking for feedback on what the FileMaker community feels WebDirect, Go, and/or Pro access should cost on an hourly basis- pay as you go, pay for what you use, metered access...


It is easier to have this discussion now, than trying to adjust plans aftervalue for FileMaker services is compared to the cost of licensing, hardware resources, and bandwidth.


In an al la carte model what is your feeling about the following types of charges:


  • Production HD space, per GB per month- separate rates for SSD or SAS
  • Backup drives are typically slower, cheaper drives; but there is bandwidth invovled
  • Per Session fees- allows for us to still make money with sync and other 'quick access' solutions
  • Per hour that the Server has your files open- closed files don't cost you


Our feeling is that 'lower use' solutions or 'sporadic use' solutions will benefit from utility pricing; however some users will find 'traditional' plans to be a better value. We will continue to offer both...


Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?