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Peer-to-peer sharing clarification

Question asked by beaconny on Dec 18, 2013
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For my application (based on the separation model), I have 2 FM database files, front-end (the interface) and back-end (the data file).

Using the Manage External Data Sources, the front-end is configured to use the back-end file.

I will have 3 users, who will each have on their Mac computers a copy of FM pro 12 and a copy of the front-end file. The back-end file will be stored on the local area network server.


My questions have to do with the actual process used for the users to access and use the application.


(1) Do they simply open the front-end on their computer?

(2) I noticed there is a Sharing > Filemaker Network Settings command. Do I need to configure that dialog?

(2a) If so, does this only need to be done one time?

(2b) If so, I am not sure how to configure the options. Here is my guess, please tell me if I am correct.


    • Configure only for the back-end, since that is the file that will be shared?
    • Set Network Sharing: On
    • Have no idea what the Open Remote File dialog does.


All help is appreciated as I am neither network knowledgeable nor a very experience FM developer (come from I Microsoft Access background).