Zero improvements to Runtimes in FM13?

Discussion created by argwallace on Dec 17, 2013
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Please feel free to correct me if I am missing something (which I hope is the case!).


Since my development in FMA11, 12 and now 13, I have been deeply disappointed in the improvements made (or lack thereof) in the Runtime portion of the program. I do realize that not all developers need the Runtimes as an integral part to their developement. However, I am in the situation where my development very much depends upon it. Though I am excited for the new features in 13, I have yet to see ANY improvements in the Runtime offerings. In fact, old errors continue to persist in this new version. What gives?


For example, creating a runtime on Mac causes certain internal language files to be locked by the OS. This has been happening since version 11 and they still can't fix the packaging process to avoid this? Give me a break.


Charts and PDFs are not available directly from within the runtime. What? Still no way to build this into the runtime or at least secure the licenses for the royalty free runtimes? How many PDF creators are there out there. There has to be a way. Why hasn't this been addressed? FM Go suppors charts and that's free....


Has there been any enhancements to the Runtimes? If I'm missing it, please help me out. If not, I guess I'll have to wait for FMA14 or maybe even 15.