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Error - No scripts are available for the specified account

Question asked by dvaklyes on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by dvaklyes

Last Saturday I upgraded two of my machines to FileMaker 13 Server. These upgrades went without apparent problems, and folks are accessing files on both servers as they have been doing for the past several years.


On one of the computers, a scheduled FileMaker Script which has been running nightly for years now gives an "Aborted unexpectedly" error, and will not run from the console, either. When I try to edit the script, it gives me the error "no scripts are available for the specified account". I get the same error if I try to create a new scheduled FileMaker Script in any of the databases on the server.


On the other server, all the scheduled scripts run fine, and I can edit or create scripts.


Both computers are Mac minis running OS Server 10.8.5. One is an older Macmini4,1 (2.66 GHz Core2Duo w/ 8GB), which is the one I'm having a problem with, the other is a new Macmini6.2 (2.3 GHz Quad-core i7 w/ 16 GB).


All previous mentions of this error predate FileMaker 13, and were related to Java problems with the Admin console. Java is up-to-date on both computers, and it shouldn't matter anyway with 13.


And yes, the account I'm using does have access to all the scripts on all the databases on the server.


Anybody have a clue as to what the problem might be?