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    Problems adding items to portals


      Every so often I drag something into a portal - into the first portal row and when I go to browse mode the item isn't actually inside the portal. It only shows on the first line!

      If I create a new object in the portal row it is fine, but if I drag an existing object like a button into a portal row it just doesn't go in.


      What am I doing wrong? This has only happened to me since v12.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Its intended behavior. Both Portals and Tab panels have this special effect capability.


          Both objects have layers. An object pasted onto one of these objects has the option of ‘floating’ above the Portal or Tab panel. To actually put the object into the Portal or Tab Panel you can move the object with the arrow keys or do something else (like align right) that indicates to FMP that the objects are to be on the same layer instead of separate ones.


          The purpose of this is to allow the developer to overlay objects in front of the Portal or Tab Panel. For example a message field that needs to display on all Tab Panels. The text “Test Order.”, formatted in light grey, might be used to tell the user that the current order isn’t valid.

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            Thanks.  It's not working!  I've put the button in the portal.  I've selected both the button and the portal and done "align right edges", "Centres" and "Align left edges".  I've also bumped the button with the arrows while it is on top of the portal.

            Is there another way to make it on the same layer??

            I can see the effect of what you are saying with the layers, if I select the portal and move it backward then the portal and all the items move behind this button.  If I move the portal forward then the same happens again, the portal and the objects move infront of the button.  I just can't get the button and the portal on the same layer!


            Btw. just to be sure the whole bounds of this button are within the first portal row.

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              Why don't you run a test on a different layout with different objects. It may be something to do with using pre-existing elements.

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                I found the answer.  The object I'm dragging in to the portal is a "popover" which has a portal inside it.  Portals can't contain portals so Filemaker only makes it sit on top.

                THIS should really be documented in the help files.