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    FMS13 Multi-Server Install, Networking Questions


      Hi Folks:


      Despite many years of working with Filemaker, I've never had to deploy Filemaker on more than one server. With FM13 and Webdirect, we are now in a position where this is recommended and useful for our installation.


      The installation instructions seem straight forward. We will be installing on two Dell R710 Servers with WIndows Server 2008 R2.


      I want to optimize WebDirect performance as much as possible.


      With this in mind I have a couple of questions....


      Is it possible/advisable to connect the two servers on their own physical network ports to maximize data flow between the two servers?


      Can two gigabit ports be "bound" together in a dedicated fashion between the two machines to improve performance?


      If anyone has knowledge on this, can you provide a breif summary of how to configure such a scenario? What is involved with Filemaker and OS configuration to make this work?


      Any other general advice on server configuration with two servers are appreciated.


      Do not need "hardware" advice. Machines are dedicated 12 core, RAID 10, 32GB RAM machines. Specifically seeking advice on OS/FMS/Networking config.


      We have had FMS13 up on one older server since a couple days after release. It has been super solid thus far.



      Lee Snover

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          I put up a two server install with a really kick a$$ WebServer.  The results are a bit disappointing.   For our application, the two server setup is actually less responsive than a single server setup.  I have a feeling the network connection and overhead of the two systems is what is causing the delay.  I'm getting much more flashing, and the data is loading noticably slower into the screen.  For our particular app, I have a hunch we are going to do better really maxing out a single server.   The two server scenario may hold up better with more users, but I can't afford the slow down in the interaction with the interface.    Will be trying to see if I can get the above question answered.  Perhaps a better/dedicated connection between the two servers will alleviate some of the problem.


          Anyway, we power on.  ;-)