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    Buttons and images.


      Hi community , ...


      Question 1
      What is the best way to deal with a recurring image.

      1 .- Embed the image in the inspector (inspector - Graphics - picture) then copy it and paste where needed.

      2 .- Insert the image at a global container field (optimized image) then I visualize the field where needed.

      Question 2
      If I create a button, I customize its appearance. Then I copy and paste multiple presentations.


      The buttons are the same.

      --> All buttons refer to the same lines of css ? or

      --> each button has its lines in the css ?




      pd: excuse my english.


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          If it is a repeatable graphic, I like to put it in a container field so it is stored one place and, if I want, I can make a change to it and it will change everywhere it exists in the solution.  I do this sometimes with a button I use over and over, but since Themes came out with nicer buttons in FM12, I have used icons less and less for buttons.  But I do use the container field a lot for say company logos, etc.  I usually have some default table that is related to other tables and the default table has a number of solution defaults including graphics. 

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