Need a dummies guide to lookups/relookups

Discussion created by sundog on Dec 18, 2013
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New to filemaker and I'm having problems with lookups and relookups. I have a database with a few tables. One is of clients and another is of dogs. They should have the same last name. I've linked the two together via the last name (in relationships) and in the dog table, I have set it to look up the related Client last name in the dog last name field. I tried to relookup and nothing happens.


I've tried it in a small little database with 2 tables of mens names and womens names and tried to link their names together (with the lookups on each of the "imported" names from the other table). The same thing happened; ie. nothing; there was no updating for relookups. I don't know what I'm missing or what's not working or why. (all the tables have ID#'s and foreign key numbers (for the other talbes).