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    how to script the removal of / deleting a file in FMGo


      Hi all,


      How does one remove a file from iOS device? I don't mean swiping to remove. I mean scripting the removal. Export Field Contents works on desktop but fails on iOS.


      "Delete files using Export Field Contents"

      ... was suggested in FileMaker Training Series. (Reference FTS4_06.pdf page 6-65.) A vey easy technique; one simpy doesn't select a field to export, and voila. But I can't get it to work for iOS.


      I considered using Temporary Path, but I prefer Documents Path. Without getting into too much detail, the scripts update a file with a new version (similar to Colibri's technique). But before closing the old file, I create a backup with "Save a Copy as". If the scipts complete sucessfully, the backup gets deleted.


      A sample file that prototypes my atempts is attached. Any help is greatly appreciated.





      Colibri reference: http://www.colibrisolutions.com/2011/08/24/one-click-updating-of-a-filemaker-go-solution-on-a-mobile-ios-device/

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