Sliding objects in FM GO 13

Discussion created by DavidZakary on Dec 18, 2013

Looking for an opinion here regarding sliding blocks in FM Go 13.


I'm creating a new UI and am at a bit of a loggerhead as to which way to proceed.


There are two possible ways to develop the UI. I could create a set of layouts for portrait and landscape orientation, test which way the iPad is being used and then jump to the appropriate layout. This means duplicating the number of layouts. But the upside is not having to worry about programming all of the sliding objects and I can create layouts that are more flexible and interesting. The sliding block method is good, but it has limitations.


Now that we have controls that let us track the screen orientation on iOS devices, jumping between layouts is easier than ever before, but double the layouts to manage.


Wondering what other people are doing.


Dave Zakary