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FM Server 13 - What's better: more GHz or more Cores?

Question asked by perren on Dec 18, 2013
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We're getting ready to pull the trigger on a new server and we're stumped on what the optimal processor configuration is for the absolute best performance.


For the purposes of this question let's assume we already have a really fast PCIe SSD RAID for disks and 16GB RAM. Let's also assume that pricing of the processor choices isn't a factor.


Environment Overview:


60 Users

70 Hosted Files

30 GB of solution data

LAN access only (GigE / 802.11 N WiFi)

WPE in play, but not on this machine. It's a 2nd machine in the deployment.


3 Questions:


Which would you pick?


Can you prove the benefits of the choice?


CPU GHz# of CoresL3 Cache
3.5 GHz6 Cores12 MB
3.0 GHz8 Cores25 MB
2.7 GHz12 Cores30 MB


Any and all responses welcome!