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More FileMaker Server 11 Java Problems, Windows Server

Question asked by A2analytics on Dec 19, 2013

I have read numerous threads about FileMaker Server 11 and Java conflicts, but repeated installation revisions have not allowed me to get past the "java not installed" console error. I made an effort to remove Java and stay at v6 rev 37 or below each time.


What could be different about my situation from past examples?


We bought a powerful new server cpu, with solid state drives, multi-core processor, and about 16 gb of memory. It has Windows Server 2008 R2, 64 bit, installed.


My very first installation, I updated to FileMaker Server 11.v0.5 before running the console the first time. Was this a mistake? I tried removing everything and running just FMS 11.v.1, but that failed with another error message at the console that was even more severe.


Is the 64 bit OS a problem?


Any work around for loading this console?