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Summary of a summary of a summary...oh my

Question asked by Jesse_Wright on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2013 by Jesse_Wright

Issue is that I pretty much need to run summary on a field that is calculating a GetSummary command.


Simply can't run a Summary on a Summary of a Summary, so I'm stumped at the moment for how to work around it.




To try and help you visualize the issue (and maybe I'll see the solution writing it out )


Calculation produces UtilityInvoice_TotalPrice : Summary of UtilityInvoice_TotalPrice creates Utilty_GrandTotal : GetSummary Audit::Utility_GrandTotal pulls the summary forward into a non-summary layout to create Utility_TotalCost





= GetSummary (Audit::Utility_GrandTotal)



Summary = Total of UtilityInvoice_TotalPrice (running)

Audit::Total of UtilityInvoice_TotalPrice

= Calculation (Utility Price * Qty)



So I was asked to add subsummary totals to a report for each sorted group. What I need to happen is perform a "Running Total" Summary on the GetSummary field: (Utility_TotalCost) and restart summary for each sorted group,


but I can't perform a (Running Total when Sorted by "Utility") Summary on a "Get Summary" field. Problem is that the GetSummary field produces the numbers I need to sum for the running total in the report.




So I think I'm going to have to think about how I can possibly break this down and try to evaluate it a different way. Not sure what that is yet...


Wanted to post this out here for those way more savvy than I. Thank you for your help, hope it's not too convoluted.