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FM Go 13 & dynamic web viewer issue

Question asked by reis on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by mbraendle

Hi guys,


I'm starting down the path of integrating HTML5 and Filemaker, and I've started on a Contacts database, wanting to show a styled Google map via their API that shows the Contacts' address.


So far things are going well. On FM Pro, when a field in the address is saved, a script is triggered that gets the latitude and longitude from Google's Geocoding API, and then parses the JSON response and setting the latitude and longitude fields.


The web viewer is set to display a custom URL, the styled Google map with the correct Geocoding coordinates.


It's all working perfectly on FM Pro, however on FM Go on iPad, the map loads for the first record, and then doesn't change for any other records...and I don't know what's up wth it, and figure i must be something trivial, but i cannot find any answers!!



If it's OK I'm going to attach the FM file to this question, it's only a file I'm working on to play with a few ideas so there's no real data in there. If someone could have a look for me i'd really appreciate it!


PS. This is made in FM 13.



Thanks for any help!