WD - and browser page refresh observations

Discussion created by Oliver_Reid on Dec 19, 2013

I have been working on considerations for embedding WD sessions in existing web sites


Following is for Safari on Mac




1 Closing a window ends a WD connection


2 If the WD session is running in an Iframe, switching to another web page in the same window by using a link on the page outside the Iframe ends a connection


3 Selecting another page using the History menu maintains the session and you can return to it using the back button, or re;lading the WD page



Not as helpful


4 Switching to to another page by inserting a url in the address bar, or clicking on the bookmarks bar, does not end the session: However if you return to the WD page using the back button, or resloding the WD page, a new connection is created and the count goes up one.


5 Reloading a live WD page creates a new connection, bumping up the count by 1.


(SO if using WD in a I-frame, the page should not contain other objects that cause a page refresh when clicked on.)



I am curious as to whether there are reasons for these various behaviors, or whether this is "just the way it turned out"