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    Save Import Options




      I am having information from an online form that I need to import into FM. I can have it as cvs or xls from the form page.


      When I import files I always have to adjust so that the fields are matching.

      Is there a way of saving the options or do it via script?


      Also is there a good way to get Filemaker Directly connected with the online forms? So I dont have to export, download, import the applications?

      Basically I need to have simple online forms that are easily imported into FM. What would be good options or hostwebsites to work with?




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          If the import order does not change then you can certainly save the import order in a script.


          There are certainly other ways of getting data from web forms into filemaker. For example, if your solution is hosted on FileMaker server, php talks to filemaker happily... there are also ways to extract data from a web-viewer within filemaker pro... but that's a different kettle of fish.