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    Using an app other than FMGO


      Hi everyone,


      A question about apps and the way they interact with the database.


      The company I am working for is looking to have an app developed that can access a FM13 database from both an android and an iOS operating system. I was wondering if that is possible or is the program completely locked to only use the iOS app.




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          It is possible to develop an app that interacts with Filemaker using CWP, PHP, and ODBC technologies.   This could be accomplished on many platforms including iOS and Android, depending on what tools you choose to employ.

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            Lee beat me to the answer. I wanted to point out that CWP (custom web publishing) can be done with *any web application (including PHP) by making SQL queries (via ODBC or JDBC) or by making XML queries. XML has several grammars that can be used. The FM API for PHP uses one particular grammar and has readily available functions & classes. You are not limited to using the PHP API, however. (So many options!) You will be sharing with XML or ODBC, but as these are WEB, you are limited to what the mobile browsers can handle. Most of your work will be the interface anyway (HTML, CSS & JavaScript - as needed).


            You may also be able to create 'apps' that query with ODBC/JDBC. This would be similar to an app making a query to MySQL, for example, but is not a WEB browser-based application. You may also be able to query with XML (through the web publishing), but then use the results in your application.


            I recommend reading the related guides for XML, PHP, & xDBC.


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