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Script triggers causing an issue.

Question asked by KylePutzier on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by KylePutzier

I have a database containing 100 (or so) tables in 6 (or so) files. Recently, two (or more) tables have been having issues with the layout script triggers. When a layout script trigger fires, it closes the window. The 2 triggers showing this issue are OnRecordLoad and OnCommit. I haven't tested the rest or done enough diagnosis to determine the exact cause of the window closing. I did test the scripts that run. They work fine when ran manually. The tables also behave normally when I don't use the script triggers.


I did some development using FMPA 13 while the files were being served via FMS 12. I don't remember using any new 13 features, but it's possible that that is the cause of these new issues.


I have backups, so I'm not too worried about this. But I would rather just repair the existing table(s). Recovering didn't seem to help. I realize that a recovered or (seemingly) corrupted file shouldn't be trusted.


Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone have any ideas what I might try to repair this? Maybe something like rebuilding and index to fix a Find problem, or something like that.